Featured Listing Feed http://mybangkokhomes.com/index.php?action=rss_featured_listings Spacious One Bedroom in Roof Garden near BTS Onnut http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-spacious-one-bedroom-in-roof-garden-near-bts-onnut--3.html My0yMDE1LTA1LTA2IDE5OjMxOjM5 Beautifully renovated, this is one of the biggest one bedroom you can find in Bangkok. Ideal for a couple looking for space and style. The kitchen is also perfect for those who love to cook. Tesco Lotus supermarket and the BTS is also nearby.]]> Great Value One Bedroom near BTS Onnut http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-great-value-one-bedroom-near-bts-onnut-4.html NC0yMDE1LTA1LTA2IDE5OjMyOjA3 Spacious one bedroom on high floor with great view. Easy access to Tesco Lotus supermarket and the BTS train station.]]> High floor One bedroom in Waterford Diamond near BTS Phrompong http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-high-floor-one-bedroom-in-waterford-diamond-near-bts-phrompong-10.html MTAtMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAxNTo0NToyMw== Fantastic view with big windows and lots of sunshine. Located within walking distance to BTS Phrompong, this condo is ideally located and also has many great facilities.]]> Waterford Sukhumvit 50 http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-waterford-sukhumvit-50--20.html MjAtMjAxMi0wNS0xOSAxOTowMzo1Nw== Waterford Sukhumvit 50 is a low rise brand new condo located in Onnut. This two bedroom unit is brand new and everything is in mint condition. The condo has good facilities and is very peaceful almost like a resort.]]> Beautiful Condo in Fragrant 71 near BTS Phrakanong http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-beautiful-condo-in-fragrant-71-near-bts-phrakanong-13.html MTMtMjAxNS0wMi0wMiAxOTo0MDozMg== Beautiful Condo located near BTS yet in a very quiet surrounding. The building is very new and within walking distance to the supermarket. It is an ideal place for a family with kids. ]]> Breezy Condo with a river view near BTS Phrakanong http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-breezy-condo-with-a-river-view-near-bts-phrakanong-14.html MTQtMjAxNC0xMS0xMCAwNDowMjowMA== Nice value Condo with great facilities. It has 2 pools, steam room, fitness room and even a restaurant.]]> Luxurious Ficus Lane Condo in a peaceful setting near BTS Phrakanong http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-luxurious-ficus-lane-condo-in-a-peaceful-setting-near-bts-phrakanong-16.html MTYtMjAxMS0wMS0wMyAxNzozNjoyMA== Classy condo with great facilities in a peaceful setting. Yet conveniently located, it is within walking distance from BTS.]]> Sukhumvit Plus Studio near BTS Phrakanong http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-sukhumvit-plus-studio-near-bts-phrakanong-29.html MjktMjAxMi0wNS0yMCAwMTowMzo1Mw== Sukhumvit Plus condo is located within walking distance to Phrakanong BTS. The facilities are great with a fantastic outdoor pool. . Great value here not to be missed.]]> 49 Plus Two Bedrooms near Thonglor BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-49-plus-two-bedrooms-near-thonglor-bts-36.html MzYtMjAxNS0wNS0wNiAxOTozNDoyMA== Modern condo located within walking distance of Thonglor BTS. This two bedroom unit is fully furnished and well done up. Ideal for a small family.]]> Gorgeous Studio near Onnut BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-gorgeous-studio-near-onnut-bts-41.html NDEtMjAxNS0wNS0wNiAxOTozNDo1Mg== Brand new condominium project located within 300 metres of On-nut BTS and the supermarket is just close by. This studio offers modern furnishings and great value. ]]> Stunning Three Beds at Fullerton condo near Ekamai BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-stunning-three-beds-at-fullerton-condo-near-ekamai-bts-42.html NDItMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAxNzo0MzowMg== Absolutely Gorgeous Condominium located in prime sukhumvit area. The condo has first class modern facilities. This three bedroom unit offers style but also space. Ideal for those seeking luxury and style.]]> Nusasiri High Floor One Bedroom connected to Ekamai BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-nusasiri-high-floor-one-bedroom-connected-to-ekamai-bts-46.html NDYtMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAxNzo0ODo1Mw== Luxurious condo located in prime Sukhumvit area. It offers all the modern facilities. This is a high floored one bedroom unit. Spacious with 80 sqm, it comes fully furnished with all modern electronic appliances. ]]> The Alcove One Bedroom near BTS Thonglo http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-the-alcove-one-bedroom-near-bts-thonglo-50.html NTAtMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAxODowNzoyMw== Modern condo with all the modern facilities located within walking distance to BTS Thonglo. This one bedroom unit is fully furnished. Ideal for someone looking for style and comfort.]]> The Lakes One Bedroom near BTS Asoke http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-the-lakes-one-bedroom-near-bts-asoke-52.html NTItMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAxODoxMDozMQ== This is a top class condo building located within walking distance to Asoke BTS and subway. It has a rooftop swimming pool and a 'State of the art' gym with fantastic View. This one bedroom unit is ideal for those looking for luxury and style. ]]> LPN Suite One Bedroom near BTS Phrompong http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-lpn-suite-one-bedroom-near-bts-phrompong-56.html NTYtMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAxODozOToxNA== New condo building located within 5 minutes walk to the Phrompong BTS station. All the modern facilities like swimming pool and gym are available. This one bedroom comes fully furnished.]]> Urbana Langsuan http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-urbana-langsuan--58.html NTgtMjAxMi0wNS0xOSAyMDo1MDoyMw== Urbana Langsuan is a high rise condo located within walking distance to Chitlom BTS. The building offers a 2 storey gymnasium, a rooftop pool with fantastic views and much more. This one bedroom unit is furnished with modern furniture. ]]> Athenee Residence Condo near BTS Ploenchit http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-athenee-residence-condo-near-bts-ploenchit--61.html NjEtMjAxMS0wMS0wMyAxNzo0NjozMQ== This is a luxurious condo building with world class facilities including swimming poo, gym, sauna, jacuzzi and even a library. This 2 bedrooms unit has been renovated with classy furniture and fittings. Ideal for someone who do not compromise on style and class.]]> Siri Residence Two Bedroom condo near BTS Phrompong http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-siri-residence-two-bedroom-condo-near-bts-phrompong--62.html NjItMjAxMS0wMS0wMyAxNzo0Njo1MQ== Brand New Condo located within walking distance to the Phrompong BTS station. This two bedrooms unit is fully furnished with modern furniture and electronic appliances.]]> The Master Centrium Two Bedrooms 5 mins walk to BTS Asoke http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-the-master-centrium-two-bedrooms-5-mins-walk-to-bts-asoke-66.html NjYtMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAxOToxMjoxNA== Nice condo located on Soi Sukhumvit 19 near Asoke BTS. Modern facilies with pool, gym and sauna are available. This is a nicely furnished two bedroom units with 103sqm of space. Ideal for a small family.]]> Urbana Sathorn Three Bedrooms in Sathorn http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-urbana-sathorn-three-bedrooms-in-sathorn-77.html NzctMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAyMDozODoxMA== This is a luxurious condo located in the heart of Bangkok. All the modern facilities are readily available with a great pool, a nice gym, squash and badminton courts. This is a spacious three bedrooms unit and comes fully furnished with classy furniture.]]> Stunning Three Bedroom Unit near Asoke BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-stunning-three-bedroom-unit-near-asoke-bts-81.html ODEtMjAxMC0xMi0yNiAyMTowMjo0MA== Located within walking distance to the Asoke BTS, this apartment offers not only great convenience but style and comfort in a quiet area. This three bedroom unit has been renovated and looks truly like a five star hotel penthouse with view on the lake.]]> Beautiful House in Onnut http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-beautiful-house-in-onnut-82.html ODItMjAxNC0wNi0wMiAwNjowNzowMA== Beautiful House near Panya village with green garden space in a highly secured compound. Fully furnished. Ideal for a big family. This house is also for sale. Asking price 11 million baht.]]> The Met Luxury 3 Bedroom Condo near Singapore embassy http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-the-met-luxury-3-bedroom-condo-near-singapore-embassy-96.html OTYtMjAxMS0wMS0wMyAxNDoxMzowMA== Brand New Luxury Unit in Bangkok, perfect for those seeking the best. This unit is also on the 45th floor with an unadulterated view of the city, very breathtaking at night. The property provides a full range of luxury facilities, including a large landscaped garden, a 50-meter swimming pool, fitness center, satellite gym, sky terrace, library, BBQ area, and 2 tennis courts.]]> Brand New One Bedroom 1 minute walk to Ploenchit BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-brand-new-one-bedroom-1-minute-walk-to-ploenchit-bts-100.html MTAwLTIwMTQtMDUtMTMgMjE6MTA6NDk= Fully furnished and brand new, this one bedroom unit offers a cosy home with the most convenient access to the BTS just one minute walk away]]> High Floor Luxury Two Bedroom unit in Silom http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-high-floor-luxury-two-bedroom-unit-in-silom-108.html MTA4LTIwMTEtMDEtMDMgMTU6MTU6MDA= This condominium is on the 47th floor with a superb view on the Chao Praya river and the city. Fully furnished condo with balconies in each room. It also has a maid's room. ]]> The Address Chidlom http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-the-address-chidlom--109.html MTA5LTIwMTItMDUtMTkgMTk6Mzk6MTU= The Address ChidlomThe Address Chidlom is a brand new condo in a quiet surrouding behind Central Chidlom. The condo also has transportation to the BTS Chidlom. The facilities are fantastic and the condo very classy.]]> Two Bedroom with balcony in Urbana Langsuan http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-two-bedroom-with-balcony-in-urbana-langsuan-112.html MTEyLTIwMTEtMDEtMDMgMTU6MjU6MDE= This condo is conveniently located in Soi Langsuan walking distance to BTS Chidlom and also to Lumpini park. This two bedroom unit has good view and a balcony.]]> Good Value One Bedroom few mins from the BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-good-value-one-bedroom-few-mins-from-the-bts-138.html MTM4LTIwMTEtMDEtMDMgMTg6NTQ6MDI= This is a low rise classy condo development just a few minutes walk to the BTS. This one bedroom unit offers good value with nice furnishings.]]> Siri on 10 Three bedroom condo near Nana BTS http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-siri-on-10-three-bedroom-condo-near-nana-bts-140.html MTQwLTIwMTEtMDEtMDMgMTg6NTU6MTM= This condo is located in a quiet soi off Nana. It is a low rise development in a peaceful setting. The 3 bedroom unit provides good space and even comes with a maid's room.]]> Exquisitely decorated one bedroom condo in Asoke with lake view http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-exquisitely-decorated-one-bedroom-condo-in-asoke-with-lake-view-144.html MTQ0LTIwMTMtMDctMjEgMDM6MDk6MzE= This condo is ideally located in Asoke within minutes walk to the train station and giving convenient access to Interchange and Exchange Tower. The condo unit is furnished with the best appliances and renovated with great taste. The bathroom is huge.]]> Luxurious high floor two bedroom condo in Sathon near Singapore embassy http://mybangkokhomes.com/listing-luxurious-high-floor-two-bedroom-condo-in-sathon-near-singapore-embassy-252.html MjUyLTIwMTMtMDctMTkgMDA6NTE6MTQ= This a two bedroom condo unit in the Met. The condo is located on the main road of Sathon near the Singapore embassy. A luxurious development with fantastic facilities and even concierge services at the condo lobby. ]]>