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Pet Friendly Condo Bangkok

Renting a pet friendly condo in Bangkok.

You are looking to move to Bangkok and you have a dog or cat that is very dear to you.

Your options is suddenly restricted because not all apartments and condos will take pets.

Some agents will recommend that you leave your pet at home, some agents will tell you to rent a house, some agents will tell you to sneak the pet in later on.

We understand that your pet is part of the family and we want to help you find a pet friendly condo in Bangkok. Another option is to look for pet friendly apartments. The difference between apartment and condo is explained here.

For a condo to qualify as a pet friendly condo, the building regulations must allow it. You can request for a copy of the building regulation from the juristic person or building management. There is usually a weight restriction of not more than 20kgs.

Just because an owner is agreeable to accepting the pet does not make the condo pet friendly. This might lead to problems later on. Even though your pet is not disturbing anyone, a neighbor can still report you to the management. So please check with the management even though the agent or owner says it is ok.

For a pet friendly condo, you would also need the approval of the condo owner as well. The owner is a person and he/she will naturally be worried about damages and complaints.

Although the condo building is pet friendly, the common areas are normally off limits. It is also common sense that the pets should not be a nuisance to the neighbors if not the management will be forced to revoke the right to keeping the pet.

A pet friendly apartment would be more straightforward. We will only deal with the apartment owner/manager. However the apartment would still like to have more information on the pets. Naturally, they prefer small pets rather than big ones.

I hope this short guide is useful and we look forward to assisting you in your search for a safe haven for your dear pet.