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Hidden Gem Hive by Sansiri – a quality bangkok condo development

I just did a site visit to Hive by Sansiri on Soi 65. It is tucked away in a corner and enjoys good privacy in a peaceful environment. It is surrounded by private residential estates making it very homely.

As you enter the lobby, you are greeted by a classy greenish decor and feel. You can also see the high quality of the materials used in this condo development e.g. the walls, the touchscreen lift panel etc.

Most importantly, i like it for its privacy and quiet surrounding yet convenient access to the BTS Phrakanong.

Strong growth expected for Bangkok condos

Condominium projects in Thailand will continue enjoying the highest growth among other kinds of property projects this year, according to one industry executive.
Samma Kittasin, Director of the Property Data Center, said condominium projects remained very attractive among potential buyers in the first quarter of this year as the number of condominium units whose ownership was already transferred totaled 60,000 units, more than double that of the same quarter last year. He said another 60,000 units are due to start up in the rest of this year.
Actually, many property developers planned to launch their projects in the second quarter, but had to postpone the inauguration due to the recent political turmoil. They are monitoring the economic situation in the third quarter of this year. Should the situation improve and return to normal, they will launch the construction of the 60,000 units in the fourth quarter, he said.
Mr Samma said the information gathered by the center showed the proper projects, particularly condominiums, which gain great popularity among consumers, are located in areas where there are mass transit systems.
Last year, projects, which are of interest among potential purchasers, are located along the Blue Line Bangsue – Tha Phra electricity train route, the Blue Line Hua Lampong – Bangkae route, the Red Line Bangsue – Rangsit route, the Green Line Berling – Rangsit route, and the Green Line Mor Chit – Saphan Mai route.
The number of condominium units sold in 2009 totaled 87,500 and those expected to be sold this year are projected to reach 189,000 units.

Source: Property-report.com

Bangkok Rent Guide

Bangkok Rental Process

The rental process in Bangkok is a straight forward one. The real estate agent represents both the owner and the prospective tenant. The commission however is borne by the home owner only.

To facilitate the agent’s role in the rental process, the prospective tenant will be asked to provide their requirements of the property they are looking for. The common ones that people look for are

  • Proximity to workplace
  • Proximity to children’s school
  • Proximity to public transportation like BTS and subway
  • Type of property
  • Number of bedrooms and floor area
  • Budget

You are encouraged to list as many criteria as possible as this will make the task of finding the right home for you much easier.

Now that the agent has all the information he needs, you will be given a shortlist of properties that best match your preferences. Ample information and pictures will be provided so that you can further refine the list.

The next step is property viewing. Once an appointment is made, the agent will pick you up at a location of your choosing and proceed to view the short listed properties. As you will find out, it is not fun to be stuck in a traffic jam in downtown Bangkok. No amount of good music can soothe the frustration. The viewing time is thus arranged between mid morning and early afternoon. Visiting five properties is considered a productive day. Of course this is not necessary if you fall in love with the first one.

Once you have found the right home, the agent will contact the home owner about your interest and your offer if it differs from the quoted price. If all parties come to an agreement after the negotiation phase, the agent will prepare the lease contract which will be in English. There will be three copies. The owner, tenant and agent will each have a copy.

A contract signing meeting will be set up and the owner will usually be present. This is a good time to make a good impression and build a good relationship with the landlord. Being on good terms with the landlord will make your stay much more enjoyable. The deposit and the advance rent will have to be paid in cash or banker’s check.

Once the contract is signed and everything else is in order all that is left is to collect the keys from your agent and move in to your new home. If you need any further assistance in settling in your new home, you can ask for your agent’s help.