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Pet Friendly Condo Bangkok

Renting a pet friendly condo in Bangkok.

You are looking to move to Bangkok and you have a dog or cat that is very dear to you.

Your options is suddenly restricted because not all apartments and condos will take pets.

Some agents will recommend that you leave your pet at home, some agents will tell you to rent a house, some agents will tell you to sneak the pet in later on.

We understand that your pet is part of the family and we want to help you find a pet friendly condo in Bangkok. Another option is to look for pet friendly apartments. The difference between apartment and condo is explained here.

For a condo to qualify as a pet friendly condo, the building regulations must allow it. You can request for a copy of the building regulation from the juristic person or building management. There is usually a weight restriction of not more than 20kgs.

Just because an owner is agreeable to accepting the pet does not make the condo pet friendly. This might lead to problems later on. Even though your pet is not disturbing anyone, a neighbor can still report you to the management. So please check with the management even though the agent or owner says it is ok.

For a pet friendly condo, you would also need the approval of the condo owner as well. The owner is a person and he/she will naturally be worried about damages and complaints.

Although the condo building is pet friendly, the common areas are normally off limits. It is also common sense that the pets should not be a nuisance to the neighbors if not the management will be forced to revoke the right to keeping the pet.

A pet friendly apartment would be more straightforward. We will only deal with the apartment owner/manager. However the apartment would still like to have more information on the pets. Naturally, they prefer small pets rather than big ones.

I hope this short guide is useful and we look forward to assisting you in your search for a safe haven for your dear pet.

Strong growth expected for Bangkok condos

Condominium projects in Thailand will continue enjoying the highest growth among other kinds of property projects this year, according to one industry executive.
Samma Kittasin, Director of the Property Data Center, said condominium projects remained very attractive among potential buyers in the first quarter of this year as the number of condominium units whose ownership was already transferred totaled 60,000 units, more than double that of the same quarter last year. He said another 60,000 units are due to start up in the rest of this year.
Actually, many property developers planned to launch their projects in the second quarter, but had to postpone the inauguration due to the recent political turmoil. They are monitoring the economic situation in the third quarter of this year. Should the situation improve and return to normal, they will launch the construction of the 60,000 units in the fourth quarter, he said.
Mr Samma said the information gathered by the center showed the proper projects, particularly condominiums, which gain great popularity among consumers, are located in areas where there are mass transit systems.
Last year, projects, which are of interest among potential purchasers, are located along the Blue Line Bangsue – Tha Phra electricity train route, the Blue Line Hua Lampong – Bangkae route, the Red Line Bangsue – Rangsit route, the Green Line Berling – Rangsit route, and the Green Line Mor Chit – Saphan Mai route.
The number of condominium units sold in 2009 totaled 87,500 and those expected to be sold this year are projected to reach 189,000 units.


Renting apartments and Bangkok condos in the real estate market of Bangkok

Achieve Realty Co Ltd is a dynamic and growing real estate agency in Bangkok, Thailand.
Since its inception, they offer a wide range of reasonably priced Bangkok condos for rent and sale in the downtown areas such as Sathon, Silom and Sukhumvit.
As everybody will agree, as an expatriate or foreigner, it is a priority to first settle down in a new country to fully enjoy the new experience of a new challenge. Choosing the right place can help a long way to feeling at home. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices as new Bangkok condos are being developed.
While it is so easy to find a real estate company here in Bangkok, it is quite challenging to find one who knows what you need.
Achieve Realty aims to find you your home away from home by listening to your lifestyle needs. They value their client’s ideas, opinions, input, and needs and combine it with our extensive knowledge of Bangkok condos in downtown Bangkok to find the perfect housing solution.
They pay attention to the small details that you place high importance on because they care.
• They respect your budget and always try to find you good bargains and save costs
• They understand what is walking distance to the train stations as Bangkok is usually jammed
• They know what is a safe area especially for a lady coming back from work at night
• They know where are the International schools so that expat families can be near to them
• They are aware what area can be unsuitable for families due to gogo bars and so on
• If you keen on fengshui and facing of the main opening, they will use a compass to verify it too
• They know which Bangkok condos are peaceful and quiet for the elderly people
• They know which Bangkok condos are pet-friendly so that your pets are welcomed
Basically, they care to listen and dare to go the extra mile for their clients. They help you not only find the right Bangkok condos but make sure you enjoy your stay all the way. Cable TV, Internet, phone line, maid service can all be arranged for you.
During the tenancy, they will be here to fix any problems that may occur so that you don’t have to. So instead of having communication problems with the Thai owner of the Bangkok condos, the real estate agent will be the point of contact.
A real estate agency can be simply a middleman or it can also be your friend in deeds if you choose the right one.
For more information regarding renting Bangkok condos you may refer the website of Achieve Realty which is
The author is writing about Achieve Realty’s Bangkok condos rentals service

Bangkok Rent Guide

Bangkok Rental Process

The rental process in Bangkok is a straight forward one. The real estate agent represents both the owner and the prospective tenant. The commission however is borne by the home owner only.

To facilitate the agent’s role in the rental process, the prospective tenant will be asked to provide their requirements of the property they are looking for. The common ones that people look for are

  • Proximity to workplace
  • Proximity to children’s school
  • Proximity to public transportation like BTS and subway
  • Type of property
  • Number of bedrooms and floor area
  • Budget

You are encouraged to list as many criteria as possible as this will make the task of finding the right home for you much easier.

Now that the agent has all the information he needs, you will be given a shortlist of properties that best match your preferences. Ample information and pictures will be provided so that you can further refine the list.

The next step is property viewing. Once an appointment is made, the agent will pick you up at a location of your choosing and proceed to view the short listed properties. As you will find out, it is not fun to be stuck in a traffic jam in downtown Bangkok. No amount of good music can soothe the frustration. The viewing time is thus arranged between mid morning and early afternoon. Visiting five properties is considered a productive day. Of course this is not necessary if you fall in love with the first one.

Once you have found the right home, the agent will contact the home owner about your interest and your offer if it differs from the quoted price. If all parties come to an agreement after the negotiation phase, the agent will prepare the lease contract which will be in English. There will be three copies. The owner, tenant and agent will each have a copy.

A contract signing meeting will be set up and the owner will usually be present. This is a good time to make a good impression and build a good relationship with the landlord. Being on good terms with the landlord will make your stay much more enjoyable. The deposit and the advance rent will have to be paid in cash or banker’s check.

Once the contract is signed and everything else is in order all that is left is to collect the keys from your agent and move in to your new home. If you need any further assistance in settling in your new home, you can ask for your agent’s help.

Why Use an agent

An Agent’s Value Add

It is common perception that using an agent involves a fee or a commission. This is indeed true. However in Bangkok, the real estate agent is compensated not by the prospective tenant but the landlord when it comes to residential leasing.

As a house seeker, you will be pleased to know that you do not have to pay a single cent. So besides the fact that there is no cost involved, are there any other good reasons as to why you should use an agent? Or will it be better to go straight to the home owner?

The answer may seem biased but the fact is you should use an agent especially a good one. Firstly, an agent has knowledge of the areas he is specializing in. It will be within his expertise to be familiar with the various property options available for the home seeker. As an individual, unless you have a lot of time on hand, it is wise to rely on the agent’s knowledge and network to find the type of home that suits your needs and requirements. Bangkok is a huge jungle of concrete and property related information in English is not perfect. As an individual, it is indeed not an easy task to find a suitable rental property on your own.

Another good reason is the agent can help you communicate better with the landlord. As you will eventually find out, not all Thais can speak English well. Therefore to avoid any confusion, it is better to let the agent handle the landlord for you. Furthermore, if there is a need for negotiating the rental terms, the agent can leverage on his relationship with the landlords and negotiate on your behalf for a win-win solution. All the parties involved get what they want. This is ultimately what an agent hopes to accomplish and show his value add in the rental process.

Finally, on top of the benefits discussed above, the agent can make the house hunting process a hassle free one. As your potential real estate agent, we will help you every step of the way. We will listen carefully to your housing requirements, show you potentially suitable properties, drive you around to view these nice homes, negotiate on your behalf, prepare the rental contract for your perusal and signing if you are completely satisfied.

Beyond contract signing, we are still very much available if you should need our assistance in any matters regarding your new home. Here at mybangkokhomes, we strive for total customer satisfaction and look for repeat businesses and referrals. We look forward to meeting and helping you find that perfect home away from home. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call and let us be of service to you.

Bangkok Property Types

Bangkok Residential Property Types

In Bangkok, there are various residential property types with different features for each one of them. With a better understanding of what is available, it will make the rental process easier.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are luxurious apartment like buildings. They cater mainly for expatriates and business people. These apartments offer a wide range of facilities similar to hotels like restaurants, conference rooms and room cleaning service. You will also find a fitness room, sauna, swimming pool and high security.

They are the most flexible property types in terms of rental. It is common to rent on a daily or weekly basis. Because of the many perks offered, a premium rent is to be expected. If luxury is what you seek, serviced apartments are a perfect choice.


Apartments are owned as a whole by individuals or companies and they will try to maximize their rental yield on their properties. It is common for apartments to have a surcharge on the utility services. It is thus wise to enquire about their utility rates before concluding any rental deals. Common area maintenance fee is not applicable as this is normally included in the rental.

Depending on properties, apartments in general will have a fitness room, sauna, swimming pool, full time security, restaurants and even a beauty center.


Condominiums look very much like apartments. The difference between condos and apartments is with regards to ownership. Each unit is owned individually and each unit owner is a shareholder of the property. By the way, condos are the only property type open to foreigners for freehold ownership.

Unlike apartments, there is a common area maintenance fee. It is good to determine who will pay this fee before signing a rental contract.

Common condo facilities are fitness center, swimming pool, 24 hour security. Condos are managed by management companies who are responsible for looking after the properties in terms of security, maintenance and repairs.

Single house

Single houses are detached houses which stand on a plot of land. In terms of rental, they usually command a high price. Some luxurious houses will have their own swimming pool and garden. It is however not common to find such properties in the crowded downtown Bangkok.

For those who enjoy space and privacy, a house is a suitable choice. Finding a suitable house in a good neighborhood which you can call home will require some patience. Using a real estate agent to keep a lookout for the perfect home is the sensible approach.


This type of property is also known as detached houses or terrace houses. They are usually found in gated communities. Facilities will include 24 hour security, garden, children’s playground and swimming pool. These type of properties can be found in downtown Bangkok more often than single houses.