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Bangkok Property Types

Bangkok Residential Property Types

In Bangkok, there are various residential property types with different features for each one of them. With a better understanding of what is available, it will make the rental process easier.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are luxurious apartment like buildings. They cater mainly for expatriates and business people. These apartments offer a wide range of facilities similar to hotels like restaurants, conference rooms and room cleaning service. You will also find a fitness room, sauna, swimming pool and high security.

They are the most flexible property types in terms of rental. It is common to rent on a daily or weekly basis. Because of the many perks offered, a premium rent is to be expected. If luxury is what you seek, serviced apartments are a perfect choice.


Apartments are owned as a whole by individuals or companies and they will try to maximize their rental yield on their properties. It is common for apartments to have a surcharge on the utility services. It is thus wise to enquire about their utility rates before concluding any rental deals. Common area maintenance fee is not applicable as this is normally included in the rental.

Depending on properties, apartments in general will have a fitness room, sauna, swimming pool, full time security, restaurants and even a beauty center.


Condominiums look very much like apartments. The difference between condos and apartments is with regards to ownership. Each unit is owned individually and each unit owner is a shareholder of the property. By the way, condos are the only property type open to foreigners for freehold ownership.

Unlike apartments, there is a common area maintenance fee. It is good to determine who will pay this fee before signing a rental contract.

Common condo facilities are fitness center, swimming pool, 24 hour security. Condos are managed by management companies who are responsible for looking after the properties in terms of security, maintenance and repairs.

Single house

Single houses are detached houses which stand on a plot of land. In terms of rental, they usually command a high price. Some luxurious houses will have their own swimming pool and garden. It is however not common to find such properties in the crowded downtown Bangkok.

For those who enjoy space and privacy, a house is a suitable choice. Finding a suitable house in a good neighborhood which you can call home will require some patience. Using a real estate agent to keep a lookout for the perfect home is the sensible approach.


This type of property is also known as detached houses or terrace houses. They are usually found in gated communities. Facilities will include 24 hour security, garden, children’s playground and swimming pool. These type of properties can be found in downtown Bangkok more often than single houses.