Why Use an agent

An Agent’s Value Add

It is common perception that using an agent involves a fee or a commission. This is indeed true. However in Bangkok, the real estate agent is compensated not by the prospective tenant but the landlord when it comes to residential leasing.

As a house seeker, you will be pleased to know that you do not have to pay a single cent. So besides the fact that there is no cost involved, are there any other good reasons as to why you should use an agent? Or will it be better to go straight to the home owner?

The answer may seem biased but the fact is you should use an agent especially a good one. Firstly, an agent has knowledge of the areas he is specializing in. It will be within his expertise to be familiar with the various property options available for the home seeker. As an individual, unless you have a lot of time on hand, it is wise to rely on the agent’s knowledge and network to find the type of home that suits your needs and requirements. Bangkok is a huge jungle of concrete and property related information in English is not perfect. As an individual, it is indeed not an easy task to find a suitable rental property on your own.

Another good reason is the agent can help you communicate better with the landlord. As you will eventually find out, not all Thais can speak English well. Therefore to avoid any confusion, it is better to let the agent handle the landlord for you. Furthermore, if there is a need for negotiating the rental terms, the agent can leverage on his relationship with the landlords and negotiate on your behalf for a win-win solution. All the parties involved get what they want. This is ultimately what an agent hopes to accomplish and show his value add in the rental process.

Finally, on top of the benefits discussed above, the agent can make the house hunting process a hassle free one. As your potential real estate agent, we will help you every step of the way. We will listen carefully to your housing requirements, show you potentially suitable properties, drive you around to view these nice homes, negotiate on your behalf, prepare the rental contract for your perusal and signing if you are completely satisfied.

Beyond contract signing, we are still very much available if you should need our assistance in any matters regarding your new home. Here at mybangkokhomes, we strive for total customer satisfaction and look for repeat businesses and referrals. We look forward to meeting and helping you find that perfect home away from home. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call and let us be of service to you.